Rhinology is the subspecialty of otolaryngology focusing on sinonasal and skull base disorders. Demographic disparities and SDH have been shown to affect several dimensions of rhinology care and research, including patient presentation, management, outcomes, and clinical trial enrollment.

State-of-the-art production

  • High quality german stainless steel.
  • High tech production methods are used to fabricate our instruments.
  • Precisely, dimensionally accurate instruments.
  • Satin finished instruments to reduce glare.
  • AutoCAD used to improve design quality and productivity.
KILLIAN Nasal Speculum
THUDICHUM Nasal Speculum
SHEEN KILLIAN Septum Forceps
TAKAHASHI Nasal Punche
BLAKSELY Nasal Punche
STRUYCKEN Nasal Punche
FOMON Nasal Rasaps – TC
SILVER Nasal Chisel
CINELLI Nasal Chisel
COTTLE Cartilage Crusher
RUBIN Morselizers
JOST Cartilage Crusher

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